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And what makes him the "King" Crabb of the Volleyball World.

If you didn’t get to the Hermosa Beach Pier early on July 22, you would have been too late. There would have been no seats left, nowhere for you to watch the first clash of the Crabbs, Taylor and Trevor, brothers and former partners turned, it seemed, bitter rivals.

This wasn’t even the final – that would be a day later. This was the quarters, an oft-ignored round, one normally you’d sit and watch should you be there but not one to schedule your day around. And, yet, of course, this was no ordinary quarterfinal. This was a can’t miss match, on a Saturday, one whose attendance would vastly outnumber both semifinals a day later.

A large reason can be effectively summed up in two words: Trevor Crabb. (see full article)

Trevor Crabb is one of the top pro beach volleyball players in the United States. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii; Trevor attended college at Long Beach State University where he played indoor volleyball. After graduation Trevor traded in his indoor volleyball shows for board shorts and hit the pro beach circuit.

Making his first AVP Tour appearance in 2013, Trevor earned the AVP Rookie of the Year Award in his first full year on tour in 2014. Placing in 3 of 7 semi-finals in 2015 and placing in the Top 3 at each AVP event (including 3 final appearances) in 2016. In 2017, Trevor made 4 of 7 finals on the AVP tour. Internationally, he won three gold medals in2018 on the FIVB World Tour. Capturing his first AVP title in 2019 at the Manhattan Beach Open and taking 4th place at his first World Championships. In 2020, Trevor finished in the top 15 teams in the world for the Olympics but do to the country quota rule was unable to attend Tokyo as the 3rd ranked USA team. Currently Trevor is on #1 team in the running to qualify for Paris 2024 representing Team USA. 2022 Trevor won 3 titles AVP Domestic titles, 3 International Tournaments, and was named "Team Of The Year" in the United States.

“Being willing to put yourself out there more, you learn how to just be comfortable and be yourself in front of crowds and cameras and whatever,” Crabb said. “That’s an art you need to learn when you’re on the court, to engage with the crowd but not distract yourself. Some people get a little nuts and then fully distract themselves from playing well. We’ve gotten close to mastering that skill, involving the crowd but being ourselves and just absolutely being in the zone at the same time.” (see full article)

Get to know Trevor more: head to his Instagram short story series "Drinking Whiskey with The Crabbs"
(view an episode)


2022 Chicago Open (1st Place)

*** 2022 Manhattan Beach Open (1st Place)

2022 Fort Lauderdale Open (1st Place)

2022 Austin Texas Open (3rd Place)

*** 2021 Manhattan Beach Open (1st Place)

2021 | Chicago Open (2nd Place)

2020 Long Beach Open (1st Place)

*** 2019 Manhattan Beach Open (1st Place)


2019 FIVB World Championships (4th Place)

2019 FIVB Mexico (3rd Place)

2018 FIVB Open Lucerne (1st Place)

Open Jinjiang, China (1st Place)


2022 AVP Team of the Year

2014 AVP Rookie of the Year

National Team Member for Team USA

Ranked in Top 3 Placers on AVP Tour

Current #1 Ranked USA Team

Top 15 Ranked in the World

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