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Partnership Highlight: We thank CaliBear for their partnership with Trevor. A pivotal paring within the realm of recovery. Trevor has dedicated his whole life to being a professional athlete and living a healthy lifestyle. After grueling workouts and intensive competition days CaliBear CBD is key to his success. A growing partnership we appreciate and fully support. See full,  article below exampling there active healthy lifestyle and impact to the sport of beach volleyball.

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You’ve more than likely been on the sand. Have run on it. Jumped around in it. Rolled and played and made castles with the stuff. So you’ll know that the sand is soft and fluffy and certainly not as hard as wood or sport court or concrete or any other surface on which volleyball is played. It is, in fact, such a blessing to beach volleyball players, that Olympian and all-time great Mike Dodd once called it “a gift from the Gods.”

And yet: To make a living jumping and diving and hitting volleyballs on the sand still creates its fair share of bodily abuse, inflammation, and a special kind of muscle fatigue and soreness that will send any fitness tracker into overdrive.

“There’s in shape,” Florida State coach Brooke Niles said. “And then there’s beach shape.”

Which means: There’s recovery – and then there’s the recovery required of beach volleyball players, who burn an incomprehensible number of calories per hour, and require the necessary recovery to get back on their feet.

It’s no wonder, then, that Trevor Crabb is partnered with CaliBear CBD. There is, simply, no other way to optimize recovery and alleviate muscle soreness than by applying CaliBear CBD.

A 2020 study coined the Recharge CBD Cream Clinical Trial assessed 52 participants in a controlled environment, where the participants were asked to work out at least three times per week for two weeks, applying CBD on their muscles after each workout. What did they find? More than 97 percent of the participants reported reduced joint stiffness and muscle tension. Another study, also conducted in 2020, found that CBD use significantly reduced muscle aches and improved the rate of muscle recovery when compared to no intervention.

The most notable number there, in the case of Crabb, is not the 97 percent (he knows full well the benefits of CBD); it’s the three days a week, for two weeks.

Crabb is not your Average Joe, reporting to the gym three days a week for a few weeks at a time. No, no. He’s on the sand, training with his partner, Tri Bourne, five days a week. He’s in the weight room an additional four days a week. He’s on the road, traveling for eight months out of the year, competing on beaches from as close as Hermosa Beach to as far as Rome, Italy, for the World Championships. His recovery, therefore, allows for no chances to be taken.

Which is where CaliBear comes in.

With CaliBear being soaked into his muscles, Crabb has been able to finish third in the season-opening AVP of 2022, qualify for the World Championships, and finish in the top-10 in a pair of Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour events thus far in 2022.

The best part? His season will stretch onwards for another five months, concluding with back-to-back-to-back tournaments in Australia in November. The only way a player can play at the peak of his or her abilities for that long is with the proper recovery, a recovery enhanced by CBD.

So while the sand might be, as Dodd suggested, a “gift from the Gods,” then CBD is surely as divine.  

We Thank All Partners

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