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Partnership Highlight: We thank Klenskin Sunscreen for their partnership with Trevor. A sacred and key ingredient to the everyday routine as a professional athlete in the sun all day everyday. This patented forward thinking sunscreen is throwing in emollients and antioxidants, making it a no brainer must have in beach volleyball. Long hot summers and endless sweat Klenskin Sunscreen is key to long lasting success. A growing partnership we appreciate an fully support. See full,  article below exampling their protective and holistic impact in the game.


Beach volleyball is a sport of the elements. Unlike its indoor counterpart, the players must learn to navigate what can one day be a breathtaking environment – pale turquoise water, stunning beaches, beautiful people, a set straight out of a Corona commercial – and another it could be a wildly hostile one: blowing winds, sideways rain, brutal heat.

And the sun.

It’s ubiquitous in this sport. No matter where Trevor Crabb may be playing, be it an AVP in Austin, Texas, the World Championships in Rome, Italy, a NORCECA in La Paz, Mexico, or anything in between, he’s going to have the sun beating down on his skin. Which is exactly why Klenskin is the perfect fit for a professional beach volleyball player such as Crabb.

Like any product in the world, not all sunscreen is created equal. There are those that run and run and run, dripping off your arms, your eyebrows, your elbows, the moment you sweat. There are those that feel sticky or gooey. Some leave a silky resin on the ball after passing, making it exceptionally difficult for your partner to set.

Not Klenskin.

Founded by Laura Cohen, an MD with more than 30 years of experience as a dermatologist, and her daughter, Lisa LeBlanc, Klenskin, as Cohen wrote, “made it a mission to create a user-friendly and cosmetically-elegant line of sunscreen that everyone could conveniently use and love. We believed that if people could apply sunscreen without having to change their daily habits, we could decrease the dangerous effects of the sun in these individuals.”

They created Klenskin with the specific purpose in mind of designing a sunscreen that didn’t drip into your eyes – huge for beach volleyball players – or leave your arms, shoulders, torso, hands, feeling slimy or sticky. It makes it easy for Crabb, and his partner, Tri Bourne, all the more likely to apply it before practices and matches, knowing that it won’t impact their play at all. In fact, in a roundabout way, it might even enhance it.

There are occasions when Crabb will have to play up to three or four matches in a day. Without proper sunscreen -- or a sunscreen you don't want to apply at all -- that could leave you feeling tired, roasted, and, quite literally, burned out. Not so with Crabb, whose childhood in Hawai’i taught him more than enough on the virtue of a quality sunscreen. There are, frankly, no excuses not to apply Klenskin, particularly when it has so many appealing products to offer: wash-on sunscreen, travel-size lotion packs, sticks, and face and body gel.

Of the many elements of Crabb’s game you will inevitably notice while watching him play, one of the more under-the-radar is this: The guy is just never sunburnt. That makes him an anomaly in a sport where skin cancer is quickly becoming more the norm than the exception, where rubbing aloe on torched skin is almost seen as a badge of honor.

No more. Not with Klenskin becoming the biggest name in sunscreen, especially among beach volleyball players.

It might not help with passing or setting or siding out, but in a game where the elements can be a factor, Klenskin is here to eliminate at least one: The sun will no longer have an effect. 

We Thank All Partners

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