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Partnership Highlight: We thank Laird Apparel for their partnership with Trevor. A key apparel partnership with instrumental designs, making Trevor the dressed on and off the court.

From performance shirts & shorts to leisure wear hats & hoodies, no chance you find Trevor in any other brand. We are honored to partner with, Laird on our Paris 2024 Olympic race to gold. 

Pro Athlete Approved. See full,  article below exampling their instrumental impact.

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If one were to take the sum of Trevor Crabb’s core values – beach, ocean, outdoors, constant movement, a laid back but undeniably intense demeanor – and add it to that of Laird Apparel’s, there wouldn’t be a noticeable difference. Aside from perhaps a little more surfing for the latter and a little more beach volleyball for the former, Crabb and Laird Apparel are, in so many ways, nearly identical, down to their birthplace in Hawaii.

To even compare Crabb with the founder of the eponymous Laird Apparel itself, Laird Hamilton, is to find a glut of similarities: Hawaii-raised, a life lived with heavy doses of outdoor exercise and the freedom to explore the wild wonders of nature. Hamilton is the best in the world at what he does; Crabb is progressively making a case for the same.

At the time of this writing, Crabb is ranked No. 7 in the Olympic rankings alongside his new partner, Theo Brunner, another in Laird Apparel’s line of elite athletes. His three AVP victories in 2022 marked the most of anyone in the United States. His three consecutive Manhattan Beach Open wins are already historic, joining a fraternity that includes only Mike Dodd and Tim Hovland – two of the all-time winningest players – as players to win beach volleyball’s holy grail that many in a row. He’s still going, too, likely to enter the 2023 Manhattan Beach Open as the favorite to win again.

If Hamilton is primarily known for slaying the world’s biggest waves, Crabb is already establishing himself as beach volleyball’s newest Big Game Hunter, the man who shines in the biggest moments, on the biggest stages.

“I’m super excited to partner with Laird and grow with their brand,” Crabb said. “I feel I can relate a lot within the company being an all-around ocean and beach lover. They will fit perfectly into the beach volleyball world and lifestyle.”

Indeed, no longer does Crabb even need to change into board shorts post-victory. In his Laird Apparel, he just goes from the court to the Pacific – or Mediterranean, Gulf of Mexico, Baja California Sur, Atlantic, Adriatic, the list goes on – and is dry within minutes afterward. It’s a lifestyle that matches those who watch Crabb, the active, beachgoing type, not the kind who pull up a chair and a beer and a book and laze around. It’s an active demographic to which Crabb most appeals – the very same demographic sought by Laird Apparel. Crabb, like Laird himself, is the hard-charging sort, already putting in the miles to Mexico, in La Paz and Tepic, and Brazil’s Itapema and Saquarema. Soon enough, he’ll be in the Czech Republic, Latvia, Germany, California – all over the world, competing against the best that world has to offer. Where Laird seeks big waves, Crabb simply seeks the biggest competitions, all of which will culminate at the biggest of them all in the beach world: The 2024 Olympic Games.

That’s where beach volleyball’s latest Big Game Hunter will thrive more than anywhere else. As Laird hunts 60-foot waves at Mavericks or Nazare, Crabb is attracted to the big waves of beach volleyball.

The perfect fit between apparel and athlete. 

We Thank All KEY Partners

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