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Partnership Highlight: We thank Legends for their partnership with Trevor. A key apparel partnership with stylish designs, making Trevor the best dressed on the beach. From workout shirts, shorts, hoodies & more, no chance you find Trevor in any other brand. From workouts to nights out, Legends is the move for the true competitor and Pro Athlete Approved. See full,  article below exampling this LEGENDARY impact.


The term “legendary” has become so overused by this generation of hyperbolic youngsters that its meaning has become a bit diluted. That venerated descriptor was once reserved for the likes of Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, the Connecticut women’s basketball team, Pat Summitt – those so dominant, so generational, that the only word that could possibly fit the bill would be “legendary.”

Trevor Crabb is entering that territory, and not in the new-age, diluted sort of way we toss around the word “legendary” now, but in the old school sense. The kind that’s earned.

Attend an AVP or Volleyball World event, and you’ll notice a trend: Wherever Trevor Crabb is playing, that’s where the crowd is.

Now, to be clear, that doesn’t necessarily mean the crowd is for him. They’ll show up in equal number to root against him. He’s a polarizing figure on the beach, Crabb. It’s intentional, a nod to the old school players who played loud and talked louder.

He’s the only one bold enough to guarantee victories on the AVP Tour – and certainly the only one to back up those guarantees not once, during the 2020 AVP Porsche Cup, but twice, at the 2021 Manhattan Beach Open.

A legendary win for a legend in the making.

It’s one of the many reasons Crabb signed on with Legends, a fitting name for an apparel company that is taking the beach by storm, no different than the man who rocks its shorts. Crabb doesn’t just win in Long Beach or Manhattan Beach. No, no. He wins all over the world – in China and Switzerland, Guatemala and the Cayman Islands. Whether these wins are guaranteed out loud, they are, for the most part, guaranteed in his head.

“Definitely doesn’t get better than that,” Crabb said after his win in Manhattan Beach, the biggest tournament on the beach volleyball calendar not named the Olympics. “That’s the one everyone wants to win. Growing up, just want to get your name on the pier. I was telling Casey Patterson in Chicago that I almost wish it didn’t happen, because I know the feeling and what it did so I want that same feeling again. It’s all downhill from here. Now it’s just rack ‘em up, tally ‘em up.


Win as many as possible.”

He’s doing just that. Alongside Tri Bourne, another Legends athlete, he is the No. 1 ranked team on the AVP Tour and No. 2 in the USA Volleyball federation. Together, they’ll be favorites to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, which would be Crabb’s first and Bourne’s second. They’ll do so in Legends shorts and shirts – a Legendary team with a Legendary company.

We Thank All Partners

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