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There’s a storm coming.

That’s one way you could describe this Olympic beach volleyball race: The most intense, volatile, enduring of storms, 16 months of competing, traveling, winning, losing, bouncing back, persevering. Good thing, then, that Trevor Crabb is prepared for exactly that.

He’s been through the gauntlet that is Olympic qualifying before. Nearly made it in 2021, too, finishing the Olympic qualification period ranked in the top 15 in the world, technically even earning a spot to represent the United States in Tokyo had there not been a country quota limiting the U.S. to just two teams in the Games. What could be the next ingredient to making that extra push come 2024 in Paris?

A storm to not just weather the storm, but to thrive in it, to love it, to excel within it.

It’s what makes Crabb such an ideal fit for Monster’s new Reign Storm line, an energy drink that is “defining the performance energy drink category. An innovative, better-for-you, flavorful way to help athletes perform at their peaks. We are competitive, authentic and inspiring — not passive, superficial or overly serious. We like to push, pull, sweat, scream, hustle and thrive. But we don’t like to settle. Ever.”

If one were to read that sentence, it would be indecipherable whether it was referencing Crabb or the energy drink he endorses. Crabb is competitive, as competitive as anyone on the AVP Tour or the Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour, to the point that, to him, there is almost nothing that isn’t a competition. He’s authentic, one of the few athletes in all of sport who provides a real glimpse into who he is – his character, personality, passions and pitfalls – on social media. He's inspiring, too, motivating legions of young beach volleyball players and athletes ranging from Hawai’i to Brazil to pick up a beach volleyball and slap it around, so that one day they can play just like Trevor Crabb.

Lord knows he is nowhere near passive, or superficial, or overly serious. He’ll rib anyone he steps on the court with, including his own partner, Theo Brunner. He’ll poke fun at himself. He’ll laugh, almost blissfully, at this life he gets to live, traveling and competing in the most exotic, desirable locations in the world. Yes, it’s a storm Crabb brings with him, and oftentimes storms are needed – a good rain in a drought, a snowfall that will become a rushing waterfall in the summer, a wind that will spread the seeds of plants that will provide sustenance for an entire season. Crabb is a storm not unlike those, a much-needed breath of trash talking air to a sport that can sometimes grow a bit stale.

“I’m excited and grateful to continue working within the Monster Energy brand,” Crabb said. “They have been my biggest supporter over the last five years. Their newest product, Reign Storm, provides clean energy, looks awesome, and is the perfect hydration and energy boost for beach volleyball or any workout.”

The perfect storm for the man who brings the storm to beach volleyball. 

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