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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Partnership Highlight: We thank Monster Energy for their partnership with Trevor Crabb & Tri Bourne. It has been a great pleasure to become partners with such a reputed brand. This 2 year journey has flourished more and more and we have big plans for the future. Your stellar reputation and relations mean a lot to us. View article below exampling the Monster impact to the sport of beach volleyball.

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They seemed dead in the water, Trevor and Tri Bourne. It was their third match of the day, after needing to beat Poland’s Grzegorz Fijalek and Michal Bryl to break pool, then Spain’s Pablo Herrera and Adrian Gavira in the first round of elimination. All day, they played in the Cancun heat and humidity of the Mexican sun.

And when their ninth-place match start time of 10 p.m. rolled around, it far more resembled their bed time. But this was the Olympic race, the one they had been in for more than two years, the one that was still in reach. It would take a Monster effort from a Monster team to beat Gibb and Taylor.


A Monster effort was had.

Trevor and Bourne won that night, in one of the most epic matches of the entire Olympic race. An American rivalry. A brotherly rivalry. A night match with everything on the line.

Matches like those, efforts like those, when you’re down, out, finished, is what it means to be a Monster athlete. Because you’re never down, you’re never out, you’re never finished. There’s always more to give – one more swing, one more drop of sweat, one last dive into the sand. One more win.

It’s why Monster Energy and Trevor Crabb – and his teammate and good friend, Bourne – is such a perfect marriage. Monster Energy is not just an energy drink company. It’s a lifestyle. It’s an ethos, one of getting after it, of putting in the work few want to put in, of clawing out the wins few thought possible, of pushing for one more point – then doing it again. Twenty-one times. More, if needed.

Monster Energy is an off-beat company for the off-beat athlete. You won’t see the iconic M, the one that appears it’s been clawed into place by, well, a Monster, on any corporate commercials or ad agencies. You’ll see it on the doers, the ones taking action, the ones pushing the realm and boundaries of their sport. The ones flipping down mountains and charging through the waves, the ones who sprint to the top percentile of their craft and stay there.

The ones like Trevor Crabb.

Just how far has Crabb pushed the boundaries of beach volleyball? In the last four seasons alone – even with the COVID-shortened year of 2020 – he’s hit 30 World Tour events, traveling to 40+ countries. Twice, the United States National Anthem has played, with he and Bourne atop the podium. On the AVP Tour, twice he has now won the most iconic stop of the season, the famed Manhattan Beach Open, getting carried into Shellback’s Tavern, a hero’s welcome.

Twice, he’s guaranteed victories, when victory didn’t seem all that guaranteeable. Twice, he’s made good on those promises.

In a sport of liked niceties and polite manners, Crabb ignites the flames. He’s loud in a world that can be quiet, brash among the meek, baring his teeth where others might wilt.

He is many things, Crabb – a transcendent talent and gifted athlete, witty character who took the COVID downtime to whip up the show, Drinking Whiskey with the Crabbs, with his brother, Taylor, another serial competitor.

He is, in short, the Monster that beach volleyball needs. 

We Thank All Partners

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